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What is Coventry
     Diocesan Cursillo?

Coventry Diocesan Cursillo is a
      member of The British Anglican Cursillo
      Council, which in turn is part of a
      worldwide organisation, originating in

      Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is a
      Spanish word meaning a short course,
      providing a method by which Christians
      are empowered to grow through prayer,
      study and action and enabled to share
      God's love with everyone.

In this Diocese these weekend courses (or Cursillos) are held in early May and early
      November, from either Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday. During these days we live
      together, listening to talks given by people both lay and ordained, on many subjects
      concerning our Christian life.

      The whole course, both before and during, is covered by constant prayer by many people
      both on and off site. We also provide our own entertainment, and of course the food is well
      known for its excellence.

      The weekend is not an end itself, but leads us into the Fourth Day, the rest of our lives, where
      we support and encourage each other in working for our Lord in our respective churches and
      environment by holding regular group meetings (Ultreyas) in various churches throughout the
      Diocese where we share fellowship, and discuss our progress.

      Coventry Diocesan Cursillo is fully supported by our Diocese Bishops (please see the
      Bishops' endorsements).