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Coventry Cursillo Team

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The Generic Addresses are now
     working again.
     Apologies for the disruption.


     Lay Director -  Jonathan Ashton ( laydirector@covcursillo.org.uk )


The Lay Director chairs Secretariat meetings and is an Honorary Trustee
for their term of office. The Lay Director is passionate about the welfare of Cursillo in the Diocese and is responsible for encouraging and managing
the other lay members of the Secretariat. The Lay Director is someone
who inspires others.

     Secretary - Yvonne Rollins ( secretary@covcursillo.org.uk  )


The Secretary is an Honorary Trustee for their term of office. This role primarily involves the following:-
        Recording and circulating minutes of the Secretariat meeting.
        Liaising with the Lay Director regarding general correspondence.
        Preparing and issuing copies of the various documents issued to   
        guests and staff at a weekend.

     Treasurer - Stan McCarthy ( treasurer@covcursillo.org.uk  )


The treasurer's role covers all financial aspects of Coventry Cursillo, including keeping detailed accounts, banking, claiming Gift Aid and much more.


     Weekend Convenor - Jayne Hayward ( weekend@covcursillo.org.uk  )


The main responsibility for this Officer is to ensure the smooth running of the weekend. They liaise with the Lay Rector and relieve them of unnecessary work.


     Sponsorship Secretary - Suzanne Whiting ( sponsorship@covcursillo.org.uk )


This role ensures that all guests attending a weekend have a Sponsor
and ensure the sponsors understand the commitment that they are


     BACC Representative - Karen Holmes-Wilson


The formal requirement is that the BACC rep ensures that Coventry Diocesan Cursillo is acting in accordance with the licence given to BACC by the
National Episcopal Cursillo.



     Trustee Representative - Chris Horton


The Trustee Representative attends the Secretariat meetings on behalf of the Trustees.


     Prayer Tree - Brenda Reeves ( prayertree@covcursillo.org.uk )


Brenda collects all prayer requests for circulation to the prayer team.


     Spiritual Director - Awaiting Appointment ( spiritualdirector@covcursillo.org.uk )


xxx fulfils our clergy role of Spiritual Advisor.


     Communications - Brenda Reeves  ( communications@covcursillo.org.uk )


The main responsibility for this Officer is to try to ensure that information
is circulated quickly, and efficiently via current preferred means of communication.